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Automotive manufacturing and development                             with some influence.   Read this and be surprised!

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Car-Production:Functional Design, Retro Design, Retro Engines and more here.

A long time ago Henry Ford was able to start his Factory.

He had the ideas, the spirit, the possibilitys to start his Factory.   And also Daimler Benz, .and other Factorys had it at this time.     They all know what to do. And they did it. With sucess.

Another 100 People also know what to do, and today also want to start there new carfactorys. But  not many can have sucess with it. Because they have either the knowledge or the money. They dont have both at the same time.      Now in 2014 the old bosses dont live anymore, But the Factorys tries to do a good result also without them.

But it is not always possible.                                                   The times have changed.The cars have changed.                      And conditions for the continued work of development has changed.

One who has started from scratch, and  was sucessful: Koenigsegg.

"I have no special talents,I am only passionately curious"
(Albert Einstein)

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